Farmhouse Wit, ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 18

Boy meets Girl. Boy marries Girl. Boy and Girl create beers to blend in a public display of unity. Girl's beer is f***ing legit. Girl asserts her dominance for the first of many times to come...It's a tale as old as time. And one Nate and Sarah are happy to share with you in seductive, liquid form.

Freshly clipped Lemonthyme gives our light-bodied Farmhouse Wit a subtle aromatic, citrusy punch.

The Man

IPA, ABV: 6.8%, IBU: 40

The Man is not an oppressive governmental regime. Nor is it that movie with Jules Winnfield and the dad from American Pie. It's not even the hit single from recording mega-star Aloe Blacc. The Man is simply the boss. It's DayMan without the coffee. In a market dominated by hops,  our base IPA has evolved into a consistent workhorse perfect for any occasion.

The Man contrasts a malt bill of mostly Pale Malt, accentuated by Acidulated and Crystal Malts, with bright, assertive Cascade, Amarillo, Mosaic, and Citra hops.


American Strong Ale, ABV: 8.1%, IBU: 50

Maple Sugar meets Toasted Caraway Seeds meets rippling biceps. Our American Strong Ale drinks like an arm wrestling match between a great malty Sasquatch and a majestic hoppy Centaur. Never lift without a spotter.

With hints of spicy rye bread and an underlying maple sweetness.


Brown Ale, ABV: 7.2%, IBU: 30

Coming into this world shot from a cannon full of Superbad, SoulMan was born from the lavish half of an experimental partigyle brew. In the same way that the words aren't nearly as important as how you sing them, hand-made salted caramel adds the boogie-oogie and the Marvin Gaye to our take on the classic American Brown Ale.

Deeply caramelized sugar provides roasted notes that blend in nicely with a rich malty base. Paired with a mild, underlying hop character for a long, dry finish.